New Methodist Conference

How We Began

Like all American Methodism, the New Methodist Conference has its deepest roots in the first Methodist Conference — the “Christmas Conference” — of 1784, held in Baltimore. This Conference set the shape and charism of Methodism down to the present day.

More directly, the New Methodist Conference arose out of a series of "Wesley lunches" between Rev. Rob Jones and Rev. Deborah Giordano, who were drawn together by parallel journeys and a passion for Wesley's extraordinary life and teaching.

In the years before Rob and Deborah met, each had left the United Methodist Church as a vote of conscience, feeling that the UMC was missing the mark; caught up in rules and paperwork, feeding bureaucracies and nursing disputes that tore at the very fabric of Wesleyan core values. In the intervening years each had found refuge in supportive Independent denominations — after a number of interesting adventures along the way. Yet the simple grace and wisdom of Methodism continued to stir up their souls.

The Curious, the Called, the Non-Conformists

After much prayer, numerous discussions, and deep discernment, Rob and Deborah responded to the Spirit's call to create a sanctuary for exiles, pilgrims, and seekers — the curious, the called, the non-conformists, and those who no longer found hope or comfort (or acceptance!) in their religion or community of origin.

As a fresh expression of Wesley's "practical Christianity," the New Methodist Conference was formally founded on 1 May 2005. Rev. Jones convened our first Annual Conference in October 2005.