About the United Methodist Church division

An Open Letter to our UMC cousins

The NMC is not affiliated with or connected to the United Methodist Church in any way. We are a small/tiny independent community of religious who are basically Wesleyan in our approach to Christianity. We cannot/will not be available to intercede in the internal conflicts that have arisen in the UMC. Although we are not related to the UMC, it hurts our hearts to see the fragmentation/shattering of the denomination, after so many years of managing to cooperate despite differences.

One important thing to keep in mind is that Methodists (of every stripe) are Protestants. This means that our clergy serve as teachers and interpreters of the Scriptures — but our words are not the Last Word; we are not the final arbiters of what to believe or what to do. It is very sad that it appears that the split is causing a “taking of sides” approach, rather than — in Wesley’s memorable words, “If your heart is as my heart, take my hand:” that we can find (and have found, historically) ways of coming together and caring for one another because of Christ’s love, which we embody and express in our lives. People hold different understandings and have different priorities/major concerns, yet can work and worship together in faith, guided by the Spirit of Grace and Truth. As the classic phrase gives it: Christ unites/Satan divides. ("Satan" is not a fiend in a red suit with a pointy tail tucked into his trousers, but the spirit of hatred, division, alienation, and destruction.)

Again, as Protestant Christians, the voices and concerns of all are valid and should be heard. Discussions regarding issues of Ultimate Importance are precisely that: Ultimately Important, and should be openly addressed. Bible study classes and discussion groups may be helpful in finding common ground, along with persistent prayer that all may be blessed with a community that reflects and supports a full and joyful life in Christ.

Praying for all those involved in this challenging event; may Christ’s Light guide you.